Why does Gospel Fundraising exist?

There are plenty of resources out there that teach the methodology and provide the tools for effective fundraising. This blog, however, is written for (and by) those who still fail to do it well - and thus rely on the gospel for every dollar raised. My prayer is that God will use this blog to encourage the fainthearted whom He has called to a great work, but who are scared of fundraising. My hope is that if you, like me, find yourself staring at your phone or your computer rather than doing the fundraising you know that you need to, you might be able to stop by and read this blog for a few minutes, remember the gospel (the reason you're doing the fundraising in the first place), and then get back to doing your work while trusting in a Savior who completed His.

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About the author

Tom Hallman has worked with DiscipleMakers, a Pennsylvania-based college campus outreach, since 2002. He raised his initial support (poorly) and has he has learned a lot over the years about how the gospel applies to fundraising. Tom also serves as DiscipleMakers' Chief Development Officer and as a staff trainer, so he's gotten to counsel many others in their own fundraising efforts. Those conversations provided much of the inspiration for this blog.

Tom and his wife Ali have three boys, David, Jimmy and Joey, and live in State College, Pennsylvania. There they attend Grace Fellowship Church where Tom serves as Shepherding Pastor.