Monday, October 22, 2012

10 things that fundraising is NOT

Fundraising is NOT...
  1. easy
  2. impossible
  3. for those who want to be wealthy (in this world, anyway)
  4. self-glorifying
  5. about the money
  6. the end-goal of your ministry (usually!)
  7. begging
  8. pointless
  9. only for someone else
  10. all this blog is about...
...this blog is also about the gospel

The gospel...
  1. frees us to do hard things
  2. makes the impossible possible
  3. offers us immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine
  4. glorifies Christ
  5. is about rescuing the lost
  6. is the means to reach the end-goal of your ministry
  7. recognizes that we are perpetually beggars (who are offered all we need in Jesus)
  8. gives meaning to our lives, to suffering, to history and everything else we experience
  9. is for everyone
  10. is the foundation of every blog entry here.
What else would you add to these lists?