Monday, April 8, 2013

Refresh: Just keep networking

"Good news refreshes the bones." - Proverbs 15:30b

This is part of an ongoing series called "Refresh" which highlight tales of God providing, especially in amazing, fun and unexpected ways. Details may be modified to protect privacy. May this tale help refresh your bones!

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I attended a really solid church while in college. I loved it! It was the kind you’re excited to bring lots of friends to. Lots of others felt the same way, so when I went into full-time ministry and began fundraising, I expected to meet a ton of eager supporters there!

However... without going into the details, no one in the church gave despite my very best efforts. (The church itself didn't give either.) It took me several months before I finally realized that nothing there was panning out, which of course was ridiculously discouraging to say the least.

However... I had met one encouraging couple there who seemed interested (though they never gave), and they introduced me to a lady at another church who received me warmly when I followed up. I had an appointment, asked her to give, and several weeks later got my answer: no.

However... that lady did end up giving me the number of a pastor she knew. I was excited about getting into another church network, but - you guessed it - neither the pastor nor anyone in that church ever gave even a dollar.

However... that pastor referred me to a foundation that support missionaries.

That foundation now gives fully one-sixth of my total support need every month.

Today's lesson?  Just... keep... networking!!!

Submitted by "Rebecca"