Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Today" - A prayer

Today I am weak and my tasks are too great for me.  You, God, must accomplish the work or my labor will be in vain.  (Psalm 127:1, 1 Cor 15:58)

Today I am alone and my heart is full of sorrow.  Be with me, Father, and show me Your loving kindness.  (1 Sam 12:22, Psalm 27:10)

Today I am fearful.  I see with my eyes but fail to trust You.  Open my eyes to see Your perfect purposes!  (Psalm 119:18, 2 Kings 6:17)

Today I am impatient.  I doubt Your perfect timing and prefer my own plan.  Lord, calm my heart and cause me to wait on You with courageous expectation!  (Ps 27:14, Phil 4:6-7)

Today I am jealous.  I witness other believers prospering while I receive less.  Help me to trust You and joyfully lay down my life as Jesus did.  (John 21:21-22, Phil 2:1-11)

Today I consider myself a beggar, defeated and hopeless.  Remind me of Your wonderful plan and purposes for me!  (Jer 29:11, Mt 28:19)

Today I will neglect Your Word, preferring lies that promise much.  Cause my false beliefs to fail and Your Word to fill me once again!  (John 17:17, Psalm 19:7-11)

Today I will doubt Your goodness, Father.  Evil surrounds me and there are few doing good.  Reassure me of Your infinite goodness and love!  (Gen 50:20, Psalm 119:68)

Today I will stray from you in sin.  My heart will wander from You and not want to return.  Good Shepherd, would You rescue and restore me?  (Psalm 23, 51)

Today I will blame others for my failures.  I will hate them unjustly and turn on those I call friends!  Holy King, lead me to repentance and help me see myself rightly!  (Mt 7:5, Romans 2:1)

Today I will pursue things that are not God.  I will trust in my money and in my methods.  I will run to selfish desires and distractions.  I will foolishly glorify these as though they can save me!  Show these to be false idols, worthless and powerless!  (Jer 10:3-5, 1 Kings 18:17-40)

Today is just like every other day;  I am in need of salvation and You alone are my Savior!  (Romans 3:23, John 3:16)